About UHB

Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd.(UHB)
is one of the Japanese TV stations of the Fuji Television Network Inc.,
located in Sapporo-city, Hokkaido-Pref., the northern part of Japan.


Company Profile

Company Profile

Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (UHB)


1-5, Nishi 14, Kita 1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, 060-8527, JAPAN
URL: https://sp.uhb.jp

Corporate Data
RepresentativePresident Yoshinori Kato
Date of FoundationJune 24, 1971
Date of LaunchApril 1, 1972
Capital500 million yen
Major Stockholders The Hokkaido Shimbun Press Co., Ltd.
Fuji Television Network Inc.,
Number of Employees161 (As of February 1, 2019)
Financial DataFY 2017 (Unit: Million yen) 10,276
SubsidiariesTop Creation Co., Ltd.
U-Production Co., Ltd.
Autec Co., Ltd.
Board Members and Auditors
PresidentYoshinori Kato
Senior Executive Managing DirectorJun Oikawa
Senior Executive Managing DirectorOhiko Homma
Senior Executive Managing DirectorMasaki Takada
Member of BoardIsao Wakasugi
Member of BoardYoshiyuki Ashino
Member of BoardMitsuru Hamada
AuditorTetsuyoshi Matsuda

Contents Sales / Co-Productions

We broadcast many types of TV programs that are both available in domestic and abroad.
▷Program Catalogue

Also, we have done over 10 co-productions with over 10 foreign TV stations since 2013.
There are two types of co-productions.

1.Governmetnal Sponsorship

The project is supported by Japanese Government.
They focus on how the project is influenced to increase foreign tourists in Japan.
We need to pass the proposal by Japanese Government.
After that, we can start working such as choosing location and media partner.

2.Finding Sponsorship For Project

To run the project, each of us are responsible to find the sponsors to cover the fee.


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